Our participation in the conservation and dissemination of Greek diet started with devotion and concern. We chose to settle in Western Macedonia because we are well-acquainted with the tastes of this part of Greece and because the agricultural products of this region are of superior quality. Our main concern is to have these products from the farm to our hands in less than an hour. We built a collaborator- supplier network of local producers, who cultivate and produce safe products of excellent quality with responsibility and know-how. The farmers we choose to work with are as passionate about quality and sustainability as we are. The fruits and vegetables we use are harvested when they reach natural maturity, when their aroma and taste are at their peak. We cook and package our products in our facilities, which are designed, constructed and operated with great consideration for impeccable sanitation abiding by ISO 22000:2005, which specifies the requirements for a quality safeguarding system. Our aim is the production and packaging of handmade products of excellent quality and high nutritional value, tasty products of 100% natural ingredients.